Return of the African-American

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Return of the African-American Overview

This book presents the true-life adventures of an African-American returning to live in Africa. Curtis Morrow "Kojo-Achampong", lived 11 years in several African countries, both in cities and the bush. He lived by his wits and by designing and selling jewelry among other things. He was adopted by the tribe of his ancestors (the Ashanti of Ghana West-Africa). The reader sees and feels the villages of Africa as "Kojo-Achampong" learns tribal customs, drinks palm wine and masters the art of designing jewelry. Above all, a spirit and sense of loyalty, pride and independence of the people permeate this moving account. This book is a must read for African Americans and others seeking a deeper awareness of their roots.

Return of the African-American Table Of Content

Introduction 1
My Escape 5
Life in Ghana 9
African Bush Life 31
The Soldier Ants 35
Nimato-Kolo & My Initiation 37
The Little People 45
Home in Accra 49
Seller in the Market 51
Birth of a Craftsman 55
My People Are Coming 59
White Man Paper 63
Togo 69
Yaa, Asanti-Wa 73
Ivory Coast Traders 77
A Togolaise Bride 81
Home in Agogo 85
Yaa, The Elders, and I 89
Frenchman's Deal 99
Troubles at the Inn 105
My Schoolgirl 109
Kumasi 113
Too Many Funerals 117
Osofo, the Forest, and I 125
Sadness and Joy 133
Abeka 137
Return to America 143

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Return of the African-American

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  • Book Format: Paperback
  • ISBN-13: 9781560727170
  • ISBN-10: 1560727179
  • Number of Pages: 148
  • Dimensions: 5.86 (w) x 8.74 (h) x 0.43 (d)
  • Approx Price: $73.19
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